Terms and conditions


  1. In case of doubt, advertising orders shall be processed within one year.
  2. No guarantee is given for the inclusion of advertisements in specific numbers or issues or in specific places.
  3. Proofs shall only be supplied upon express request. The client shall bear the responsibility for the correctness of the returned print. If the print is not returned within the time limit, approval for printing shall be deemed to have been granted.
  4. The publisher guarantees that the advertisement will be reproduced in a technically perfect manner in accordance with Press proof on production paper. The prerequisite is the sending of suitable print documents (see „Print documents“). (Details in price list).
  5. The client shall be liable for any wholly or partially illegible, incorrect or incomplete The publisher shall be entitled to a reduction in payment or a claim for compensation if the advertisement is not printed correctly, unless the purpose of the insertion is only insignificantly impaired by the defects. The complaint about defects must be made in writing to the
    publisher, cogently substantiated, at the latest within four weeks after invoicing.
  6. If any defects in the print documents are not immediately recognisable, but only become apparent during the printing process, the advertiser shall, in the event of inadequate Reprint no claims.
  7. Liability for indirect or direct damage arising from breaches of contract shall be excluded. Amount is limited to the respective net price of the advertisement, unless the damage is due to intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract.
  8. For material provided by the advertising customer (bound inserts, supplements, etc.), the Publisher does not guarantee the accuracy of the quantities designated as delivered or the
  9. The publisher shall deliver page proofs immediately after publication of the advertisement; complete issues only as of quarter-page advertisements.
  10. The discounts specified in the advertisement price list shall only be granted to advertisers and only for advertisements appearing within one year. The period begins with the publication of the first advertisement, unless otherwise agreed.
  11. In the event of an extension of the order, a claim for retroactive discount arises, provided the basic order was already eligible for a discount: the entitlement expires if it is not paid by no later than one month after the end of the advertising year. If an order does not reach the intended number of advertisements, the excess discount granted shall be paid in arrears.
  12. Costs for significant changes to originally agreed designs and for Deliveries of ordered artwork and digital data shall be paid for by the client.
  13. In the case of box number advertisements, the publisher shall assume the storage and expedited Forwarding of incoming offers. Registered items will only be forwarded by registered mail if the postage amount is included. A guarantee for Safekeeping and timely forwarding of the offers cannot be assumed.
  14. In the event of changes to the advertisement price list, the new terms and conditions shall also apply for ongoing orders.
  15. A decline in circulation shall only affect the contractual relationship if a The number of copies is guaranteed and the number of copies decreases by more than 20%.
  16. Text advertisements that are not recognisable as advertisements due to their design shall be classified as Advertising clearly identified.
  17. If the magazine cannot be published as a result of force majeure, strike or the like, the publisher shall not be liable to the client.
  18. In the event of the invalidity of a clause, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.
  19. The place of performance and jurisdiction is Kaufbeuren.